Ambee 2.0 Is Out

Tomas Baran
3 min readMar 18, 2022


This upgrade has been long-awaited. You may wonder why it took a while but today is a big day for Hue fans and everyone who is into dynamic light. Ambee 2.0 is the biggest upgrade since Dynamic Light Scenes were invented in 2013. It is a complete remake of Ambee from scratch — designed, coded, tested from the ground up.

Ambee 2.0
Ambee 2.0 screens

What is Ambee?

Ambee invented Dynamic Light Scenes for Philips Hue in 2013, back when it was known as Goldee. Carefully chosen colors, hues, shades, durations, transitions that change the colors of your bulbs and coordinate well together are hand-crafted for you.

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What’s new in Ambee 2.0?

  • Better grouping of scenes: Ambee 2.0 offers groups by mood, color, and sound.
  • Ability to group the scenes yourself: The ability to favorite and save into your albums is coming soon.
  • More control: Ambee 2.0 offers brightness, speed, volume (in case it includes audio), and pause controls for each dynamic scene. And it’s easier than ever.
  • Android support
  • iPad support
  • macOS support

UI Enhancements

  • Smaller Light Scene cards for faster access
  • Light Scenes in Full Screen with controls for better immersion
  • PIP (picture in picture) of the currently active dynamic scene for faster access


All the previous purchases are kept forever on the user’s account. For new purchases Ambee 2.0 is now subscription based. You have three options:

  • yearly (0.49 / week): 29.99
  • monthly (0.99 / week): 3.99
  • weekly (1.99 / week): 1.99

Ukrainian support

  • New light scene Slava Ukraini! with Ukrainian colors and the Ukrainian national anthem
  • Ukrainians get free memberships (in case you are Ukrainian, please send me an email to tomas [at]
  • Ambee stopped being available in Russia and Belarus

Ambee 2.0 Development stats

  • 700+ net hours of development (written in VS Code)
  • 9000+ lines of code (written in Dart/Flutter)
  • 400+ commits (using as a central repo)
  • 100+ beta testers (iOS, Android)
  • 100+ releases tested (iOS, Android)

Get your hands on Ambee 2.0 and let me know your thoughts! :)

Big thanks for everyone who helped Ambee accomplish this huge update — my wife Anna, who has been my mental support through many hard times, Daniel who helped me solve various technical issues, Noemi, my cousin who helped with her great feedback, Vitalii, the Ukrainian mobile developer, who was behind Ambee 1.0 updates and was still helpful with the 2.0 version, every beta tester, friend and family members who were involved.