Ambee 2.0 Is Out

Ambee 2.0
Ambee 2.0 screens

What is Ambee?

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What’s new in Ambee 2.0?

  • Better grouping of scenes: Ambee 2.0 offers groups by mood, color, and sound.
  • Ability to group the scenes yourself: The ability to favorite and save into your albums is coming soon.
  • More control: Ambee 2.0 offers brightness, speed, volume (in case it includes audio), and pause controls for each dynamic scene. And it’s easier than ever.
  • Android support
  • iPad support
  • macOS support

UI Enhancements

  • Smaller Light Scene cards for faster access
  • Light Scenes in Full Screen with controls for better immersion
  • PIP (picture in picture) of the currently active dynamic scene for faster access


  • yearly (0.49 / week): 29.99
  • monthly (0.99 / week): 3.99
  • weekly (1.99 / week): 1.99

Ukrainian support

  • New light scene Slava Ukraini! with Ukrainian colors and the Ukrainian national anthem
  • Ukrainians get free memberships (in case you are Ukrainian, please send me an email to tomas [at]
  • Ambee stopped being available in Russia and Belarus

Ambee 2.0 Development stats

  • 700+ net hours of development (written in VS Code)
  • 9000+ lines of code (written in Dart/Flutter)
  • 400+ commits (using as a central repo)
  • 100+ beta testers (iOS, Android)
  • 100+ releases tested (iOS, Android)

husband, father, entrepreneur (Ambee/Goldee), designer, developer, marketer, adventurer

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Tomas Baran

Tomas Baran

husband, father, entrepreneur (Ambee/Goldee), designer, developer, marketer, adventurer

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